A good match today.  I did not play that great.  A few good serves and a dozen or so shots that I was really happy with.  Finding that we both were working on high deep balls to the center.  It felt difficult to make a change.  Fear of errors.  Thr brave one took the risks.  Somehow I feel that this match was the breaking point for my letting loose.  I guess I will find out tomorrow.

Today’s results set the plans for the next few years.  I will not sign up to play in Pensacola or Batton Rouge.  Even though I was in second draw the winner of the draw would receive a feedup card to the next tournament (Indian Wells) to play in the main draw.  If I could hit the way I can in practice (eveybody’s story) I could gather enough points to qualify.

I will not play too many tournaments until the summer of 2018 as I start on my masters this fall.  It is sad to say the goal of Rio is gone.  But now the goal of Tokyo begins.  I have lots of skill and ability but confidence and knowledge must be built.  Greater muscle memory must be built. I will continue training three times an week and in the spring and summer more than that.  This blog will also continue as a record of my commitment for excellence.

Tomorrow I play Tom Ayala in the consolation singles final.  Last year he beat me 1-6 0-6.  The score will be a testament of my improvement.  Tom is a skilled played.

Today’s singles match was just over three hours.  3-6 6-4 5-7  Thanks Steve OBrian.

3+ 3934

Main draw doubles went well today.  I played horrible during warm up and during the first game.  I was the target.  They were up 0-3.  We brought it to 3-4.  During that end change we went over to the bench and one opponent looked me up and down.  He swallowed a drink, still looking at me.  As he wheeled passed me I could see him thinking.  “Who the hell are you and where did you appear form”.  The match finished 5-7 1-6.  Tom Ayala and I had lost but we really gave them a run for the money.  In the second set the second opponent was upset when we took our single game to make it 1-4.  On the end change he threw his racket towards the bench and talked to himself sternly.

2- 3936

Warm up.  Wall, hit with Steve O’Brien,  Served by myself. 😉

1 3937

Grudge match with Tom Ayala. I made plans if I did better in points,  I made plans if I did worse.  I did not plan for what happened.  I played great. The score was the same as last year 1-6, 0-6.  He worked hard.  He used the deuce corner ad drop shot in the first game and got away with it.  I did not let it happen again.  Five deuces. I made him work on the serve.  Acing him twice.  At the end of the match he said “Wow Regan you have improved”.  340 hours of tennis since we last met.  It made a big difference.  Thank you Tom.  You have gotten better, BUT,  so have I.   You have great hands.

1.5 3938.5

Worked with Seth and Amy.  Helped Jay with his serve.  Four sleeps to Indian Wells.  I will not hit in between.  Time to visit my Carla, Dad and Lewnna.

Thanks everyone.

.5 3939

Heard a good one today.  My wheels are not good for me because I have the wrong body type.  A comment about the bigger wheels don’t start as quick was made.  I have heard that one too many times alreday.  The player said that she had tried the bigger wheels on her chair but went back to the smaller because they gave her exactly the same performance.  Yeah right… she paid over a 1000 USD for the wheels modified her casters so her chair sat an inch higher the when the performance was the same as the smaller wheels she switched it all back.

I keep on hearing about my bad choice from other players but nobody has invested the time and money to really check the set up out except for me.  In matches I am occasionally told.  “No one ever gets that shot, you are fast.”

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