Indian Wells


Pre-tournament practice.  Hit with Dave.  Late night 10 -11 at NVTC.  All went well.  Stoked for the tournament.  Really positive entering it.

1 3940

Warmed up with Mika, Maxine and Mitch.  Thanks guys it was great to try to get used to 30 Kpa with you.

1.5 3941.5

Played a great young man today.  Conner Stroud.  He kicked the crap out of me. 😉

Thanks Conner

1.5+ 3943

Worked hard in doubles with Anthony Lara as my partner.  4-6 1-6  Thanks Tito, Raul and Anthony.

2 3945

Worked with Tara.  We both worked hard.  I believe I found my technical problem that comes during tournaments.  She hits very well.  I tried to  cure it but it has been around for over a week now and the change is a challenge.

.5 3945.5

Zach and I hit in the hot sun.  I worked on my issue.  It is coming along.  I hope I can practice again tomorrow morning to clean it up a little more before my match.  Thanks Tara and Zach.

1.5 3947

Help from Jerry Newman warming up today.  I hit very well that technical issue is gone for ever.  Thank God!

.5 3947.5

Played Leon Els (ranked 39) today.   A completely different level than I had seen before.  Warm up and then 45 minutes and then 2 sets done.  I was very nervous for the first couple of games.  I had trouble with the serves.  I did get a few good rallies in and actually won a few points.  Point breakdown over twelve games; 3 @ 0, 5 @ 15, 4 @ 30

I would be lying if I was to say I did not think about this match before it started.  The play definitely showed it.  My opponent did return a few of my balls short and I was too cautious on my returns when I should have let them rip.  I was in the game in the second set doing what I should and we did battle a few points.  His quick slice serve I was just beginning to understand.  He is an excellent  player and I am happy for the opportunity to learn with him.  Cheers Leon you are an excellent athlete!

The last time I was pummeled this way was by Stephen Welch in the Stanley Park Open 2012

1 3948.5

Check olut Seth Haynie’s  page

 Oh yes there were a few positive comments made on my chair set up.  Especially the lack of push rims.  I guess it has been five years that my chair has been close to this configuration now.  I am the future of WC tennis. 😉

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