Working on the technical change.


Worked out with coach Bob today.  The focus was on volleys.  Played points.  Most of the time I could keep the change but shots were sporadic for the most part.

One step backward to take two forward.

1.5 3950

Worked hard in the last day of 3.5 – 4.o clinic.  One hour  of doubles.  I gave my partners little success.  But we did succeed a few times.  The hard balls were hard to deal with but I did adjust.  Most balls were hit with the adjustment.  They do almost all fly so beautifully.  I like what I am seeing.  Hopefully it does not take too long to make this change permanent.

1.5 3951.5

Working on the technical change.  Forcing it to happen.  My body wants to take the path it has followed before.  At the end my hand is starting to cramp.  I have a new blister on my hand.  In the morning my back was tight from manipulating my body in a new way.  The shots are amazing when they work. My recovery must be better.  The back-court on court 3 feels so small after playing at Indian Wells.

1.5 3953

Working with Shelley.  Her astute eye can see so much.  Now that we both understand  better where a big problem is she is very helpful.  We worked hard.  She said I had some good outcomes today.  I agree.  Just the beginning of a new adventure.

2- 3955

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