Training for Tokyo


Dave and I worked on the technical point of focus.  Short court warm up.  Full court rally.  Cross court.  Serves. Play out points.  All is good.  Hand cramps.  Crushed the ball.

1.5 3956.5

Dave and I outside.  YEAH BABY.  13 degrees shirt off weather.

I think I was a little tired.  Performance not as good as I liked.  Focal point coming on strong still.

1. 5 3958

Focal point success.  A little bit of slip backwards.  But all is moving forwards in a strong way.  Looking forward to a match with a peer. Thanks Dave.

1.5 3959.5

|Tried to continue with the magic.  Worked with Shelley.  The magic disappeared.  Muscles ached from the swing.  My body argued with my mind wearing a hole in my hand.  Hopefully it will be cured soon.  The battle continues to make change.  All in all I played pretty good.

Thanks Shelley.

1.5+ 3961

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