Staying focused


A good start to a new page.  Warmed up and then played a set with Dave.  All games were started 30-love in my favor.  That really messed with his head for a number of games at the beginning.  He picked up his game after those games.  It also forced me to take advantage of quick first point.  My serve was off.  My chair skills were good to great.  I worked hard.  I lost 5-7 in the tie breaker.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

2 4049

Hit with Dave.   Worked on the spot.  Found it almost every shot.  SWEET!

1.5 4050.5

Ozzie doubles.  Harold Dave and I.

1.5 4052

A good hit today.  Shelley has an injured leg so she coached while I worked on the drills with Jennifer.  I worked hard.  So did Jennifer.

This allows Shelley to view me from a new vantage point and see the WC game differently.  Bringing the coaching to a different level.

Thank you Jennifer and Shelley.

2 4054

Justin Dave and I paid our respects to Black Sabbath today.  I was working on service recovery and that first serve.

Thanks guys

My first mothers day that I could not wish my mother a happy mothers day.  Happy mothers day mom.  Love you.

1.5 4055.5


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