The more you learn the more you realize you know nothing


Windy day with Dave.  Slow adjustment.  Just Rallied.  Lookin for the spot.

1.5+ 4057

QE doubles.  First time this year.  Seeing old faces in my life.  I impressed myself. 😉

2- 4059

Louis and I.  Working on new hubs.  6-3  Serve was off a bit.  I was carrying some weight in my heart from work.  OUCH!!!

2 4061

3.5-4.0 Drills.  Double skills.  Volleys.  Doubles. Tanks Bobby

1.5 4062.5

Ballistic doubles.  Proving my ability at 29th station.  Rushing in on serves with success.   Finding the window in the doubles alley and forcing balls past  6′ 2″ giants.  The balls were fast.  The points were fast.  It was fun.

2 4064.5

Training day with Shelley.  Jennifer was the combatant.  A very good day.  Still bringing new adjustment to the game.  In order to get the best out me we have to work on the whole game.  I think another few weeks of adjustment and I will feel good about my game.

I have always felt supported by my coach.  I can tell she is really on board  as things are coming together.  I played well but after one point where I was successful she said “Good girl”  We laughed.

1.5 4066

Mr W

.5 4066.5

Windy day at McKay.  Leisurely we hit.

1 4067.5

Coach Bob ran us through volleys.  Great drills.  Hard work.  I am learning a lot.  Thanks all.

1.5  4069

Friendly battle.  We both worked on our weaknesses.  I double faulted four or five times.  I am learning a lot these days. 5-7, 6-2 Thank you for the hit Jennifer.  You got fast feet.

1 4070

Windy day hit with Dave.  An adjustment had to made on end changes.  Long balls from him then short balls from me..Switch ends.  Balls that died on the second bounce and balls that went out.  I have to adjust quicker.

2 4072

Jennifer and I at trout lake.  Good warm up and good games.  I was happy with the way my serve was working even with a few double faults.  Thanks.

1.5 4073.5

A hard work out with Shelley focusing on crosscourt backhand.  We will work on that for a while.  A great workout on chair skills.  Many good moments.  Thanks boss.

1.5 4075

A relaxing Monday morning hit.  Woke up late. No Brecky.   Arrived late.  A slew of players.  Thank you Louis for the arrangement.  We started with Jim, Louis, Mischa, Vince and myself playing rotating doubles.  Jim left after a while.  It became WC doubles (very unusual for me to play) Mischa and Louis against Vince and I.  Then Mischa and Vince left.  We were joined by Patrick and Alex for chairs against the legs doubles.

I manged to throw in  a few good serves and a couple of good shots overall.  Near the end of chair doubles I turned it on for a couple points just to see if sleepy Gary could play better.  He can. 😉

Thank you all for a great time good to see you all.

2.5 4077.5

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