Started with Zeb and Tom.  Incredible hitters.  Thanks guys.  Finished with Louis.  Worked on my serve and pace.  Thank you Louis.  Sorry about your cat.

2 4079.5

The Grand Finale.  Last class for the year.  Thank you Bob I have a lot to work on, and I will work on it!  Time for a nap.  Thanks again Bob.

1.5 4081

A pre-match warm up only to that the match rained out.  Thanks for the help Dave.

1 4082

Ladder match with Gabe.  The sun hurt us both.  We both played below our level.  But there were some good points and I witnessed a few fast serves that went by me.  Thanks Gabe.

2- 4084

Dave, Louis, Trumley and I.  A much better performance than yesterday. Breath.

3 4087

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