The “Delta Open Tournament” is one messed up tourney

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My opponent did not show up. Three tournament that I will NEVER enter again.  “Richmond Open”, “Windsor Classic” and the “Delta Open”.

Here is how it went.

Thursday – Hydrated ate well.

Friday – Hydrated carbed up checked the tournament schedule my match time before going to bed at about 11.

Saturday – Woke up ate a good breakfast,  Met Dave for a pretourney warm up –  Arrived at Sunshine Hills at 11:00 am.  Checked in at the tournament desk.  I was informed my opponent had not arrived.  Used the washroom. Ordered a veggie burger.  Joined the provincial coach to watch some of the matches.  12:15 went back to the tournament desk and was informed my match would be on court 9 and that my opponent was not yet there. Went to my car.  Put on some more suntan lotion grabbed my equipment and went to sit near the tournament desk.  Just after 12:30 one of the tournament officials informed me that my opponent had not arrived.  I said, Okay, I will take the default.  He said No, you must talk to the tournament director.  I went to desk to talk to the tournament director.  He informed me my opponent was not available as he was playing in the Richmond Open.  I said okay I will take the default.  He said, No we will wait for your opponent to be available.  I said that is not right.  When will he be available?  Ivan the director said,  He is playing today and if he loses you may play tomorrow.  If he wins you may not play until Monday or Tuesday night depending on when he is available.

Holding up a a first round match for four days???  This opponent Simon Ting must be someone REAL special.

Last weekend I sent an email CCd to Tennis Canada and Tennis BC expressing there was a conflict and that I was withdrawing because of it.  No one has responded.  That is typical.  Nobody advocates for the player in these organizations.  All three of these organizations preach rules that they do not follow.  The events are called the Summer Series.  They should not overlap.  The other player Simon Ting should have withdrawn when he realized they over lapped or not entered at all.  The pomposity displayed by Tennis Canada, Tennis BC and the delta open only demonstrates the need to support themselves not the players who financially support them.

I will keep sending the email until the concerns for a member are inquired upon and something works out of this.


Pretournament warm up.  Dave

1 4088

Dubs.  Dave, Harold, Sonya and I.

2 4090

Louuis, Dave, Gizelle and I.

2 4092

Smeared by Ozzie.  Many good rallies.  A couple of games to deuce.  I faulted out on basically three games.  Did not feel nervous but could not find the service.  It was good during warm up and the first two service games but then…  Thanks Ozzie!

1 4093  Rain days lately.

Warmed up and games with Dave. 0-6

1.5 4094.5

Many people today.  Started with Dave Tom and Don.  Then Don left.  PJ showed up and joined us for a while.  After a while it was down to Dave and myself.  Jennifer arrived to finish the night.  Thanks all

4.5 4099


Two weeks and I have sent the same letter to Delta tourney director, Tennis Canada and Tennis BC.

What they are saying is.  We do not want to admit or acknowledge our mistake.  We will not even acknowledge you Gary Regan.

Cheers to all the decent people in the world.

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