QE doubles.  A great deal of satisfaction is starting to get missed in my game now.  I know my abilities but they are not showing in matches.  The game is still an adventure but now it has definitely become more than even about making the correct shot.,  I know the disappointment that I feel at this point will be gone once I can get my shot set up the way I want in matches.  Thanks all.

1+ 4100

Rain Shelley good shots great setup on all.  Thanks.

.5- 4100.5

Rotating doubles.  Thanks Andre, Dave, Harold and Shane.

2.5- 4103

Warm up with Louis and Carla.  A few practice serves, the ball machine.  Enjoyed  some QE doubles.

2 4105

Six if us rotating through doubles and singles.  Andre, Dave, Harold, Shane, Thomas and I.  THANKS!

2.5 4107.5

Short hit.  Tire blew.  One blew yesterday.  No extra tubes with me today.  I bought three tubes on my way home.  Waiting for a new order of tires to arrive.

.5+ 🙂  4108

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