High temperature warm up.

.5 3715

Recorded temperature of 106 in Roseville today.  However the temperature at the tennis centre was 110.  According to yahoo you add 10 to 15 degrees when the temperature is 106.  Estimated to be 120 to 125 on the courts today.

ITF rules and regs pdf says:  If WBGT reaches 32.2°C (or, if a Heat Stress Monitor is not available, the area shaded dark grey in the table), then play will be suspended with immediate effect and will not resume until WBGT falls below 30.1°C.


32.2°C = 89.98°F.   In other words play should not occurred at all today.  I am well aware that the ITF enforces all rules and regs to the letter so I guess they will not count any points for this event.  (This a joke ITFers)  I am sure they can think outside the box when it is to their liking.

We started play at 1:00 it was hot.  My opponent was Atif Moon.  He was up 4-1 in the first set.  The set finished 7-5 in his favour.  The second set was a quick game he earned.  A service game I blew.  Three long and tight multiple deuce games.  Followed by a final service game that I blew.  Second set 6-0 for Atif.  You rock buddy.

Ours was the longest singles match today.  My body was fried at the end.  Next time in the hotter tournaments I will wear white.

2 3717

Doubles.  Slow moving double faulting more than a beginner.  Head ache coming on.  Forgetting the score.  We lost.  I know that much.  It was hard.

1.5 3718.5

0 0 Did not move on the court.  It was hard but shot and serves were good.  Thanks Van!

1 3719.5

I got heat blisters on my belly.  I have blisters on my thumbs.  I should not have played anything after my first match against Atif.  The heat was too much.

Moving on to the next points of focus.

Thank you for a great tournament Peggy, Marc  & Co.

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