Working on the points of focus went well in the beginning of today’s match.  However after a few games they became weaker.  BUT, at least they were still there.  Louis’ serve became more powerful in the second set. 6-2 6-2  In the beginning of the day I could feel the difference between practice and tournament play.  I am a different person in practice but that is who I must be in tournament.  Calm relaxed but giving in my all when it is needed.  The shots and serves appear to come to me slower (most of the time).  I have two weeks until the next tournament.  I will work on these points and try to ensure the other stay with me.

The next tournament is practice.  The purpose is to test my self disapline.  The ability to play MY game.

1.5 3721

Louis and I 5-0.  Thanks Lou.

1 3722

Craig, Jared and Larry.  Great time filler.  Thanks

.5+ 3722.5

QE leagues doubles Barb Joe and Christine.  Boy it was fun.  THANKS

1 3723.5

QE doubles Patrick Louis and myself.  A great time to practice without pressure.  Thanks guys.

1.5 3725

Shelley worked me hard and I played well.  The recent points of focus that have been created over the this years tournaments are coming together.  Still have to create habits on the last two but it is visible that they are developing.

1 3726

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