International Tennis Federation??? Accuracy???


The ITF has not recognized my efforts in Windsor Ontario.  They have not given me points for participating in this event.  This has not only happened to me but to other players as well.  How accurate is the ranking system for Paralympic events when the it is choosing to exclude players from its ranking system.


Thank you Mathew for a great hit.  0-6 1-6.  Working on my points of focus.  Everything seemed to be a mess.  Mathew pointed out that sometimes things are the worst before it all comes together and that comment was greatly appreciated.  The adjustments I have been making over the last few months have been easy enough to implement but challenging to use 100% of the time.

1.5 3727.5

QE doubles.  All points of focus are working out well.  I felt like a rock star but a tennis rock star.  THANKS EVERYONE  Helen, Mark, Greg, Beverly, Jung, and Jackson.

1.5 3729

A great warm up and a good match.  Justin and I at Van Tech.  Shelley came on court from Broadway Church to bring us refreshments.  That was very thoughtful.  Thank you Shelley!  Thank you Justin!  4-6  Points of focus were there a large percentage of the match.

2 3731

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