Tourney PREP. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.


Worked with Sunera today implementing three points of focus and introduced him to a couple of them.  He is a newbie to tennis.  These points are important for him to get ahead quicker.  They were not taught to me.  These were picked up a recent tourneys.

Thanks Sunera

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Shelley and I in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  The temperature was only 18c.  All points of focus were naturally active except one.  The moves activated without thought.  Purposeful effort must be put into the last point of focus.

Up until now I have actually been concerned about these moves and how my body would handle them.  I realized a couple of weeks ago that with these new moves that my body would only be good for about 2.5 hours a day.  Compared to 7+ hours in the past.  Today after one hour of non stop drills with Shelley, at the lower temperature, I was drenched.  Soaked from head to hips.  BUT i still had a lot of energy.  I know now that my body will grow into this like it has adjusted to all my physical challenges in life

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Hit with Mathew.  It was fun.  We are both working on stuff.  He clobbered me in two sets.  If think it was 1-6 0-6.  They took less than one hour.   My focus was in and out.  We had time so we played a third.  I worked on my focus.  The set took almost one hour. 2-6 With a few deuces.  Thanks Mathew

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Van Open Run and Roll.  Many partners including Mark Good.  Focus was good but a slow warm up. Many people from my tennis life there.  😉  Nice to see you all.

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It was an honour to practice with Carlos Muro number 129 in the world today.  The practice was coached by Shelley Roxburgh.  Indeed two more points of focus were picked up.  The list is getting long.  THANKS.

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A casual hit with Carlos. 😉  Tomorrow I play first round of the Vancouver Open an ITF 3 against Steve Baldwin from the USA, ranked 55 in the world.  It is a pre-paralympic year so all the big guns are out.  I am the lowest ranked player in the draw and I am going to give it my all.   Thank you god.

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