Vancouver International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

van open 2015-1

Warm up with Carlos.  Full court warm up, serves and then back to full court warm up.  Working on the Lleyton Hewitt forehand.  It has been so ling since I used it.  It makes sense to use it as my primary weapon.  All four serves warmed up well.  The two primaries; flat and topspin were at about 70%.

2 3741.5

First Round with Steve Baldwin. 6-0 6-0  I DF’d three times he DF’d four.  His abilities are magnificent I didn’t stand a chance.   A number of push shots and technical errors on winner opportunities foiled me.  I was able to power up but not enough times.  The forgotten forehand/backhand is proving to be effective after only 24 hours of use.  (Jeez this game is complicated)  My serves were good but he was able to get them all.

We went to deuce in two games.  I made points in every game.  THANK YOU STEVE!!!

I witnessed on main draw open player only making six points in his match.  His warm up was great… then the match began.   So sad I REALLY feel for him.  Sorry bud.

On to consolations with Todd Hanover seven in the USA and 153 in world ranking.

1+ 3742.5

Doubles with Carlos by my side.  He was a rock star.  We went down with a strong performance.  4-6 3-4  I won a quick service game and later lost a quick service game.  I counted 6 DFs

2 3744.5

Warmed up with Carlos

Played Todd.  It was great.  I played well.  Must improve my mobility activation after my hits.  Must work on my strokes.  Power was decent only had one push that I blew.  Hitting the net was not an issue.  Errors were on  service faults, long and wide shots.  But the shots were generally not out by much.

2 3746.5

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