B Tween Tourney Twaining


Worked hard on the points of focus this morning.  Short court, full court, serves and then sets.  6-7 4-6.  Good work Carlos!  Thanks.  Watching the final yesterday gave me a much better idea of the outcomes I should expect.   It is the sixth main draws open final I have seen this year.  I have full appreciation of the abilities of those I hope to devour in the future.  I feel that the points of focus that I have chosen to acquire are demonstrated by many of the opponents I have encountered this year.  The opportunity to play many open tournament has allowed me to see more in my opponents.  It is much like watching a movie for the second or third time.  You are sometimes surprised at what you see and wonder how your could have missed it before.  If I was to sit with another player at my level and point out what I am seeing now they might give me the attitude that it is all obvious but the subtle nuances that make the difference are starting to pop out.  If I was to estimate on the abilities I have now and what I would hope to have in the next twelve months.  I cannot say what I know now.  Maybe it is 50, 60, or 70% of where I hope to be in one year.  BUT these small adjustments will take me there and I have to work them into my tennis life.

I am sitting at 392 today.  Three days until the Legacy games.  My outcome determines weather I allow myself to play in the Pacific NW Sectional Wheelchair Tennis Championships.

3.5 3750

Letting loose in the wind and sun.  Thanks for the rally guys!

2 3752

Short court, full court, serves and then sets.  Pressure points just like yesterday. 6-7 0-6.  Good work again Carlos!  Thanks.

2.5+ 3754.5

Social doubles. It was fun.  Thanks all!

2.5 3757

Slaughtered by Carlos today.  I am fortunate to have the opertunity to play with him.  0-6 0-6.  His five years of serious work is powerful to my almost three years.  400 compared to 150 in the world is a challenge.  As said before all changes for me this fall in regards to training.  Now to rest before my 4+ hour drive to the next tournament.  Thanks Carlos

1.5  3758.5

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