Kamloops Legacy Games


Day one.  I played a new player and that was much to my benefit.  I was able to flow with my shots but did not power up on many.  I blew a half dozen or so shots badly sending them in the air.  Only a few double faults.  I was happy with my play for now but it must get much better.  My first win since 2012.

I have made some good contacts and will come up to play them a few times a year.  Hopefully they can do a Vancouver visit sometime too.

Looking forward to my next singles match tomorrow against Chris Herman from the USA ranked 170+.

1.5 3760

Knocked out first round of doubles.  Carlos and I played Eads and Hanover.  We played them in Dallas and the match was half an our longer with two wins and two deuce games. WE both blew and number of serves and both double faulted about a half dozen times.  Their experience outclassed us.

Thank you all!

1.5 3761.5

Played Chris Herman.  My flat serve worked well.  It effectively took three games to deuce in the first set.  Ranked 4 in the world in  Juniors and high in the men’s.  Mixed serves up pretty good.  Faulted many times but I kept the pace on.  He aced me too many times.  I tried different tactics and some were successful but he found other holes.  Only a few real rallies.  I made points in every game.   Four deuces in total and only one 15.  He admits to five years of serious work.

Thank you Chris.  You are going to be on top soon.  0-6 0-6  Chris finished second in the open division and is now 129.  Rock on.

1+ 3762.5

I am finished play in tournaments for this year.  272 in the world 6th in Canada.  I will do a couple in 2016 and run the gamete again in 2018.  Tokyo 2012 here I come.

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